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Selected Writings of John Witherspoon. Paperback Edition.  Carbondale, Illinois: Southern Illinois UP, 2015.  Witherspoon published the first American college lectures on rhetoric and moral philosophy.  His courses that he taught to James Madison and other revolutionary leaders provide a philosophical context for assessing his political rhetoric as a signatory of the Declaration of Independence and founder of the American Presbyterian Church.

Miller, Thomas P. The Evolution of College English: Literacy Studies from the Puritans to the Postmoderns. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh UP, 2011. The second volume of my two-part study of the history of college English studies examines broader trends in higher education from the colonial period to recent developments in undergraduate majors and the profession.

The University Book: An Anthology of Writings from the University of Arizona.  Needham Heights,MA: Simon & Schuster, 2003. This anthology of scholarly, creative and popular writings by faculty at the University of Arizona was used by about four thousand students annually for over ten years, with all the royalites going to support professional development for teachers in the Writing Program.

Miller, Thomas P.  The Formation of College English Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the British Cultural Provinces.  Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh UP, 1997. This book examines the introduction of modern cultural studies into Scottish and Irish colleges and English dissenting academies and the teaching of the first generation of professors of English, including Adam Smith, Hugh Blair, George Campbell, and Joseph Priestley.


Selected Articles (email me for password to copyrighted articles)

“Humanities as a Public Works Project” Academe 98.6 (November-December 2012): 34-38.

Miller, Thomas P. and Brian Jackson. “What are English Majors For?" College Composition and Communication 58.4 (June 2007): 682-708.

"Managing to Make a Difference."  Field of Dreams: Independent Writing Programs and the Future of Composition Studies. 2002. (Collection was awarded the Writing Program Administrator's Book of the Year Award)

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